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Dr. Martin Makary Assists the Fiesta® San Antonio Commission with Planning for Fiesta 2021

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SAN ANTONIO (January 8, 2021) – The Fiesta® San Antonio Commission will be working with Dr. Martin “Marty” Makary as we move forward with plans to host Fiesta 2021. Dr. Makary is a professor of health policy at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, a professor of surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and an expert on public health policy. He has assisted H-E-B and the San Antonio Spurs with their decision making to address COVID-19 related issues. Click here for a full bio.

Dr. Makary says, “Fiesta is an important community tradition. The safety of attendees, volunteers and staff are an important pre-requisite.”

The health and safety of Fiesta’s 2.5 million+ guests, 75,000+ volunteers, 100+ Participating Member Organizations (PMOs), and many other supporters remain the Commission’s number one priority, which is why the Fiesta® San Antonio Commission sought the expert advice from Dr. Makary. In consultation with City of San Antonio and Metro Health officials and Dr. Makary, the Commission’s goal is to provide its PMOs support to assist them in their decision-making process. Because each Fiesta event is unique, the Commission is providing opportunities for many PMOs to interact with Dr. Makary so they can determine their own needs and plans for Fiesta 2021.

Fiesta® San Antonio Commission President, Baltazar (Walter) Serna, states, “The Commission certainly advocates for safe and responsible behavior as outlined by Metro Health, CDC, City of San Antonio and Bexar County.  If we work together, now, to successfully implement COVID-19 safety protocols, i.e., mask wearing, social distancing, etc., we believe Fiesta events will occur in 2021.”

The Fiesta® San Antonio Commission would love for Fiesta 2021 to occur in April with 100% capacity at all of the official Fiesta events, but understands the challenges that still exist for the city and our PMOs. With Dr. Makary’s insight and support, the Fiesta® San Antonio Commission will work with the City of San Antonio and Metro Health officials and the PMOs to develop plans to celebrate Fiesta 2021 in a safe and healthy manner.

PDF of Press Release

By Paige Wolf, Director of Communications