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Fiesta® 2021 COVID-19 Metrics & Safety Protocols

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SAN ANTONIO (May 17, 2021) – Based on the following metrics established by Metro Health, approved by the Mayor and City Manager and supported by Dr. Marty Makary, health expert working with the Fiesta® San Antonio Commission (FSAC), the City of San Antonio, Metro Health and the FSAC are happy to announce that based on the current local numbers, Fiesta June 2021 events will be able to operate at 100% capacity.

Assistant City Manager, Dr. Colleen Bridger says, “We set these metrics several weeks ago and all watched expectantly as San Antonio inched first to the 75% occupancy and then to the 100% occupancy marks. Because Fiesta takes place largely outdoors, this is a safe way to start our return to normal. We are excited about offering vaccinations as part of many Fiesta events and hope that as more people get vaccinated we can have more community gatherings indoors and out.”

Required Metrics

San Antonio Metrics
Criteria for 100% capacity events:
7-day moving average new cases < 250 cases/day
Weekly Percent Positive, laboratory data < 5%
Percent of Individuals fully vaccinated >40%

Criteria for 75% capacity events:

7-day moving average new cases 250-350 cases/day
Weekly Percent Positive, laboratory data 5-10%
Percent of Individuals fully vaccinated 30-39%

With regards to masking, per CDC guidance, individuals who are not vaccinated will need to continue wearing masks at city property events.  For those who are fully vaccinated, Metro Health encourages those individuals to wear masks if they will be attending densely populated Fiesta events.  The Commission is encouraging all Fiesta sanctioned events, not held on city property, to implement the same masking requirements.

Baltazar (Walter) Serna Jr., Commission President, states, “The Fiesta San Antonio Commission encourages all vaccine eligible individuals to become fully vaccinated and appreciates the dedicated efforts by Mayor Nirenberg, Judge Wolff, Metro Health, Dr. Marty Makary and many others for their leadership and guidance so that the Commission and its PMOs can finalize plans for a safe and happy return to Fiesta 2021. Viva Fiesta!”


Written by Paige Wolf, Director of Communications

PDF of press release