You can help put on San Antonio’s
biggest, best festival!

It is the Party With a Purpose because your sponsor dollars allow the Fiesta® San Antonio Commission to support the 100 local nonprofits that produce most of Fiesta’s 100-plus events.

Become a part of the excitement!
Fiesta® San Antonio has been a tradition in the Alamo City since April 1891, when local women decorated their carriages with live flowers, met in front of the Alamo and threw the blossoms at one another—the first Battle of Flowers. Within a few years, the Battle of Flowers® Parade was joined by coronations of local “royalty,” a carnival, patriotic ceremonies, banquets, the Fiesta Flambeau® Parade, the Texas Cavaliers River Parade and many other activities.

Today 100 local nonprofit groups, members of the Fiesta®San Antonio Commission, stage more than 100 events over 11 days with the help of more than 75,000 volunteers.

As a sponsor of Fiesta San Antonio, your company’s name, logo, and products or services can be seen by millions of San Antonio residents and visitors through those 11 days!

Overseeing the massive effort that is Fiesta® is a single nonprofit umbrella organization—the Fiesta San Antonio Commission. The “voice” of Fiesta®, the commission is the unifying force for the entire festival. The commission is governed by an all-volunteer board of community leaders and representatives from its nonprofit participating member organizations.

Why do business leaders in the San Antonio community become involved as corporate sponsors of the Fiesta Commission? Because they see the tremendous value it provides to the area and to their business.

For more information:
Please email Suzi Otis-Garrett, Director of Marketing and Sponsorships at


Here are some Fiesta® facts:

  • Fiesta® 2019 dates are April 18-28, 2019
  • Fiesta® always takes place during the days surrounding the anniversaries of the Battle of San Jacinto and Battle of the Alamo.
  • Fiesta is one of the three biggest events in the state by economic impact.
  • The International Festivals and Events Association has called Fiesta one of the 10 biggest festivals in the world by attendance.
  • Over 3.5 million people attend more than 100 Fiesta events each year.
  • Your Fiesta® Commission sponsorship support helps local nonprofits. The Fiesta®Commission gives away more than $350,000 each year in allocations, grants and services to its nonprofit members.
  • Fiesta is the biggest event in San Antonio, with a direct economic impact of more than $340 million.
  • Fiesta is an 11-day, citywide, fun-filled, multicultural, family-oriented celebration. With more than 100 different events, it’s the biggest party and greatest community benefit in the state of Texas.