Fiesta® Kings Cup Polo Party

• There has been a polo game during Fiesta since at least 1902.
• Polo was San Antonio’s 1st professional sport, with many local players in the Polo Hall of Fame.
• The San Antonio Polo Club is one of the first in the nation, playing the game first in 1884.
• Cecil Smith, the greatest polo player in the world, lived in Boerne.
• The money raised by the Fiesta Kings Cup goes directly to funding children’s riding lessons and underwrites the San Antonio Polo Club’s high school and Trinity University Polo Teams.
• The San Antonio Polo Club invites inner city children and foster children to its facility for free field trips and equine experiences.
• There are 4 players on a team, who use multiple horses per game.
• A polo pony runs as much as 7 miles in a 7-minute chukker (period), but unlike racehorses, must be athletic and agile to stop and change directions at a moment’s notice


No ice chests, liquids, or food may be brought in.


Contact information:


Apr 22 2023


12:00 pm - 4:00 pm


San Antonio Polo Club
490 W. Specht Road


San Antonio Polo Club
(210) 710-2471
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