Fiesta & the City

The history of the festival

Fiesta® San Antonio and the City of San Antonio are closely linked. Scholars have said that the history of the festival reflects the history of the city. But there’s much more.

  • City police are involved in Fiesta in many ways, including parades
  • The 100 nonprofit organizations that put on Fiesta events are located throughout the city.
  • The Fiesta® San Antonio Commission represents those nonprofits when coordinating Fiesta® arrangements with city departments.
  • The city passes an ordinance every 10 years (most recently in 2018) that authorizes the Fiesta Commission to put on Fiesta each year.
  • City departments like Downtown Operations, Parks and Recreation, the Solid Waste Management Department, and the San Antonio Police Department work with the Commission and its member organizations on a number of operational needs including street closures, security and post-Fiesta cleanup.
  • Many Fiesta events, including the major parades Fiesta Fiesta, A Night in Old San Antonio and A Taste of New Orleans take place on city property.
  • The city even has its own Fiesta event–Earth Day.