Official Fiesta® San Antonio NFTs

Official Fiesta® Poster NFT!

This is a limited edition Fiesta® NTF collectable! If you are an Official Fiesta® San Antonio Member you will receive the Official Fiesta® Poster NFT as a bonus! The Official Fiesta® Poster NFT is also available for purchase.

If this is your first NFT, don’t worry, the process is simple and straight forward. You’ll find answers below to the most common questions about NFTs.

Claim your
Official Fiesta® Poster NFT!

If you are a Fiesta® San Antonio Member follow these steps to claim your Official Fiesta® Poster NFT for FREE!

  1. Click the Claim NFT Button Below
  2. Enter your Promo Code and click APPLY.
  3. Enter your email address.
  4. You will receive an email with instructions on how to grab your NFT.

If you are not a Fiesta® San Antonio Member, but still want to own the Official Fiesta® Poster NFT, use the form below to purchase one for $20.00


Q: What is an NFT?
A: An NFT, or non-fungible token, is a digital asset (think GIF, image, video, music, etc.). The ownership of this digital asset is tracked and easily verifiable.

Q: Why are NFTs so popular?
A: A primary reason people want an NFT is its emotional value. What memories and images come to mind when you think of Fiesta®? You can capture that same emotion with an NFT. In addition to the sentimental value, the limited quantity of an NFT has the potential to increase in value. Some people have made money by buying an NFT and reselling it for a higher value.

Q: How do I buy an NFT?
A: The Official Fiesta® Poster NFT is a bonus you’ll receive for free for being an Official Fiesta® San Antonio Member. If you are not an Official Fiesta® San Antonio Member, it will be available for purchase for $20.00.

If you are an Official Fiesta® San Antonio Member, you’ll receive an email with a one-time-use code and a link to mint (think print or publish) your Official Fiesta® Poster NFT. After you mint your NFT, it is stored in the cloud until you claim it and add it to your MetaMask wallet. The confirmation email contains details about the MetaMask signup.

To purchase your Official Fiesta® Poster NFT today, complete the form on this page to claim your NFT. You’ll receive a follow-up email to mint your NFT with a MetaMask wallet.


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