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Fiesta San Antonio Commission Office hours:

Monday – Thursday: 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Friday: 8:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.

For information call 210.227.5191

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Fiesta San Antonio Commission Staff

Steve Rosenauer, Executive Director – 210-227-5191, ext. 104
Olivia Garza, Office Manager – 210-227-5191, ext. 101
Dallan Manjarrez, Operations Communications Manager – 210-227-5191, ext. 115
Suzi Otis-Garrett, Director of Marketing and Sponsorships – 210-227-5191, ext. 108
Veronica Peña, Fiesta Store Manager – 210-227-5191, ext. 113
Eric Reyes, Finance Manager – 210-227-5191, ext. 120
Fernando Villarreal, Logistics Manager – 210-227-5191, ext. 105
Paige Wolf, Director of Communications – 210-227-5191, ext. 106

2020-2021 Officers

Baltazar (Walter) Serna, Jr., President
COL (Ret.) Jon Fristoe, President-Elect
John Meyer, Senior Vice President
Roger O. Flores, Vice President
Richard Sparr, Vice President
Ferne Burney, Secretary
David Christian, Treasurer
Charlie Garza, Presidential Appointee
Jeanie Travis, Immediate Past President


Fiesta San Antonio
Fiesta San Antonio
Important Fiesta 2021 Update from our friends at Fiesta Oyster Bake
To help ensure the community’s health and safety amid the pandemic, the St. Mary’s University Alumni Association decided to suspend Fiesta Oyster Bake for an additional year. The event will resume on April 1-2, 2022.

“I am sad to announce that we are canceling Fiesta Oyster Bake 2021 due to the substantial numbers of COVID-19 cases in our region,” said Joe L. Vela Jr. (B.A.M. ’06), president of the association.

“We cannot risk impacting the health of our campus residents, alumni and the community by scheduling the event this spring. We will return next year stronger and more focused on continuing a better and safer celebration.”

For additional information, please contact Pete Hansen at 210-436-3324 or