Former Miss Fiesta San Antonios

Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2019:
Victoria Gonzalez
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2019: Victoria Gonzalez is a proud native of San Antonio and graduated valedictorian in 2015 from William B. Travis Early College with a distinguished high school diploma as well as an Associate’s degree. Her accolades include scholarships from the Rey Feo Consejo Educational Foundation and San Antonio Area Foundation and internships with Bank of America and Communities in Schools. Victoria graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Pre-Medical Biology. During her undergraduate career, she was a Greater Texas Foundation Scholar, Social and Formal Events Chair of Delta Zeta Sorority, and conducted biomedical research on infectious disease. She completed hundreds of service hours volunteering at Edinburg Children’s Hospital and with organizations such as Team Mario, which provides learning activities for children with autism. Her service project partnered with Valero, Communities in Schools and the San Antonio Food Bank to provided personal care and hygiene items to one thousand seventh-graders in need – preventing illness and disease and enhancing self-esteem.
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2018:
Carla Juarez
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2018: Carla Juarez struggled to learn in elementary school due to a language barrier. Despite this, she worked hard to excel in the classroom and achieved the distinction of Salutatorian upon graduating high school. Carla was an Honors College student while she studied Accounting at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Carla spent her years at UTSA working with student leaders and administrators to improve the university and increase student involvement. In doing so, she served as Student Body Secretary for the Student Government Association, Vice-President for the First to Go and Graduate organization, an Involvement Ambassador, and as a member of the University Center, University Assembly, and First Gen Councils. She remains connected to the San Antonio community by volunteering as an elementary school tutor and by working with the local community services such as the San Antonio Food Bank. Influenced by a lack of books growing up in her home, her community service project generated donations of thousands of storybooks for underprivileged second graders in Bexar County and raised $10,000 for SA Reads with the support of Valero and PWC.
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2016-17:
Madi Moad-Hageman
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2016-17: Madi Moad-Hageman was born and raised in San Antonio and studied American Sign Language at San Antonio College. Madi represented the Woman’s Club of San Antonio as the 2012 Fiesta Teen Princess and the 2013 Fiesta Teen Queen. As a club member of WCSA, Madi has been actively involved with Christmas Fair, the Fiesta Teen Coronation, and has volunteered at Morgan’s Wonderland. Madi represented the Fiesta San Antonio Commission in 2016 and 2017 as Miss Fiesta San Antonio. During Madi’s 18-month reign, her community service project brought American Sign Language Interpreters to official Fiesta events. With support from Valero, Madi developed a how-to guide for Fiesta Participating Member Organizations to make their Official Fiesta Events welcoming to the deaf community. Madi chose this project not only because she was studying to be a certified American Sign Language interpreter, but also because she believes it is extremely important to give all people access to San Antonio’s biggest city-wide celebration.
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2015:
Alixzandra Peña
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2015: Alixzandra Peña is a native of Floresville, Texas, who attended the University of the Incarnate Word where she studied Financial Economics. She was active in many organizations including the UIW Business School Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta, Treasurer of her sorority, Secretary of the Business Club, a peer mentor for First Year Engagement, and TriO Support Services. She was a member of the Pre-Law Society, Economics Society, Cardinal Community Leaders, Summer Orientation Team, and Campus Ministry. Alixzandra’s community service project was to promote higher education to high school students to increase their overall education attainment and long-term career goals through workshops to help students navigate how to apply, enroll, transition and pay for college.
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2014:
Sophia Campos
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2014: Sophia Campos attended Texas State University and studied Electronic Media at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She also minored in Political Science and Spanish. Sophia was involved in many organizations during her time there such as Alpha Delta Pi sorority, Texas State Honor College, and the Sigma Alpha Lambda Honors Society. Sophia’s project was “A Fiesta®-Sized Effort to Promote Beautification in San Antonio.” This project fell within the Fiesta San Antonio Foundation’s program of Fiesta Verde and aimed to educate residents of San Antonio about the importance of keeping their city clean. As part of her project, she worked with the City of San Antonio Parks and Recreation Department to identify public parks in need of beautification.
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2013:
Victoria Flores
Miss Fiesta San Antonio 2013: Victoria Flores grew up south of San Antonio in Medina County. She graduated with honors from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Her community service project focused on increasing the overall health and wellness in San Antonio. She implemented her project by creating the “Miss Fiesta Health Fairs” which reached nearly 1,000 people in the San Antonio community. At the Health Fairs, people were able to receive BMI, hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia screenings, flu vaccinations, dental cavity risk assessments, pulmonary disease education, nutrition education, live exercise classes, and much more.

In 2013, the Miss Fiesta San Antonio program transitioned from a beauty pageant to an internship, during which Miss Fiesta executes a community service project that is emblematic of the charitable purpose of Fiesta San Antonio. Since then, this change has allowed corporations to sponsor the program with philanthropic dollars, and the young women listed above joined the proud tradition started by the 66 Miss Fiestas who preceded them:

  • 2012, Katie Rivera
  • 2011, Lauren Holt
  • 2010, Virginia Eliot
  • 2009, Jessica Nicole Ramirez
  • 2008, Ashley Mayle
  • 2007, Samantha Garcia
  • 2006, Abigail Garcia
  • 2005, Erica Gonzaba
  • 2004, Lindsey Cowey
  • 2003, Bonita Saucedo
  • 2002, Kristal Garcia
  • 2001, Katie Rodriguez
  • 2000, Jackie Rodriguez
  • 1999, Valerie Perez
  • 1998, Claudia Castillo
  • 1997, Rhiana Bustos
  • 1996, Monique Madero
  • 1995, Chelsee Jones
  • 1994, Nicole Miller Ramirez
  • 1993, Pamela Ornsteen Meyer
  • 1992, Veronica Garza
  • 1991, Tania Eichberg
  • 1990, Monica Jasso Hack
  • 1989, Patricia Potyka
  • 1988, Annette Rodriguez
  • 1987, Cara Jean Cooper- Farnsworth
  • 1986, Danette Morin Hernandez
  • 1985, Cynthia Fears Schilling
  • 1984, Trish DeBerry
  • 1983, Debra Casanova
  • 1982, Mary Aranda Galan
  • 1981, Rebecca Weich
  • 1980, Boni Gail Neal Noftsger
  • 1979, Linda Cadena Ruiz
  • 1978, Donna Dugosh Schuchart
  • 1977, Karen Randolf Deiph
  • 1976, Sandra Beizung Nolan
  • 1975, Andrea Bukowski
  • 1974, Sandra Ojeda Medina
  • 1973, Janet Troutman Allen
  • 1972, Pony Traugott Karam
  • 1971, Susan Sparkman
  • 1970, Gloria Garza Rodriguez
  • 1969, Gail Waneck DuFresne
  • 1968, Amabel Hart Poynter
  • 1968, Amalea Hart Wallis
  • 1967, Monika Lutz
  • 1966, Peggy Nester Allen
  • 1965, Diane Thiel Bozorgi
  • 1964, Lillian White Van de False
  • 1963, Diane Frederick
  • 1962, Norma Martin Hall
  • 1961, Janelle Mayeux Ellis
  • 1960, Sharon Garner Clark
  • 1959, Alice Rachal
  • 1958, Helen Schuman Nelson*
  • 1957, Barbara Burns Allen
  • 1956, Nancy Kight Hundley
  • 1955, Loranel Markgraf Norris
  • 1954, Petesie Guerra Lee
  • 1953, Texas Nowotny Myers
  • 1953, Mary Cisi Canales Jary
  • 1952, Aleen Smith Freeman
  • 1951, Ann Moursund Atherton*
  • 1950, Jane Milliken*
  • 1949, Nancy Cicchese*